How soon will I be trading?

Our Traders start trading live in the markets after just 2 months of training! We provide continuous mentoring from our experienced traders and training beyond your initial introduction, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

What is in the barrier test?

The barrier test is an 8-minute multiple-choice numerical test. To maintain the integrity of our testing system, we cannot give any more information on the barrier test.

Can I reapply if I fail the barrier test?

Optiver has very stringent hiring standards to maintain the quality of staff and the performance of our business. As such, we only allow applicants to attempt the barrier test once.


Which programming languages do you use?

Our development team primarily uses C++ for server development, C# for GUI development and SQL Server and Informix for database development. In addition we work with Python as well.

How soon will I be working on projects?

It takes approximately 3 months for a new Developer to become fully involved in their first project. This gives you time to learn about our business, our terminology and the standards required from our Developers.

Our Developers are involved in every aspect of the software development lifecycle, so you will work from requirements gathering through to testing and implementation.

General Questions

Does Optiver offer internships?

We offer a Summer Internship within Trading in 2017. For eight weeks, you will join the Optiver Team and gain an invaluable insight into the career of a trader. This is a real learning experience and you will be challenged from start to finish. Make the first step in your career count! Contact Dana Craciun or Maria Asemah for more information via recruitment@optiver.com or +31 (0)20 708 70 00.

What are the working hours?

Optiver does not have a 9am to 5pm mentality. Flexibility is a strong element within our culture, but we do value the work/life balance of our employees and make sure they can enjoy their free evenings and weekends.

What is the Dress Code?

Optiver has a very relaxed dress code. As we have no external clients we do not feel the need to 'dress to impress'. Our casual dress also enhances the relaxed culture and our creative environment. T-shirts, jeans and shorts are all more than acceptable attire for work here.

I've submitted my application. What happens next?

We will send you an email confirmation letting you know that we have received your application. If your skills are a match for one of our open positions, we will contact you to invite you for a test/assessment or an interview, depending on the position.

Are there overseas work opportunities?

Yes. Optiver aims for all of its employees to fulfil their potential. Providing chances to work overseas, to experience different cultures and pursue professional development opportunities is definitely possible.

How can I start a trading relationship with Optiver?

If you are a professional party, we can trade with you. Interested? Click here.

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