In order to be successful in our trading domain, we constantly need the most advanced technology, trading software and connections to the market. In short, we need the best technologists to develop, optimise and support our systems and tools. As a technologist, you are responsible for the full stack of applications and the full development life cycle, granting a lot of ownership. Collaborating with our traders, your software can be deployed in production the same day providing immediate results. Latency is crucial, which is why we make us of FPGAs and microwave links to ensure fast execution. With 12 datacenters and thousands of servers we run ten thousands of trading components executing hundred thousands of trades every day.

We aim to run trading systems that are the fastest in the market, highly reliable and flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions and business requirements whenever necessary. When prices change on a trading platform, often the market maker that reacts first will be able to do the next trade and thus make a profit. Therefore, having strong analytical tools and the lowest latency is absolutely critical.