The Quantitative Trading (QT) business unit extends Optiver's global market-making business with quantitative approaches. It's a place where trading, statistics, research and technology combine into new ideas and constant innovation. This helps Optiver to maintain our leadership in increasingly competitive markets, now and into the future.

What we do
Backed by Optiver's 30+ years of experience as a global market marker in futures, options, equities, bonds and FX we use state-of-the-art data-science, quantitative and technological innovations to improve our trading.

The quantitative team is not directly interested in mechanical types of arbitrage like future-basket, ETFs or ADRs. Instead, we focus on quantitative approaches for liquidity providing which are market neutral and have short holding times. The goal is always to provide as much liquidity to the markets as possible, tightening spreads and providing fair prices for all to trade against.

Science and technology at heart
Optiver is around 1000 people around the globe, trading on nearly every significant exchange. We have large trading and technology R&D teams working on our trading systems, infrastructure and pricing models and our setup is truly best in class - else we would not be in business. This offers us execution speed, scale and data capabilities that go far beyond what traditional quantitative teams would have at their disposal.
The QT team expands this advanced trading infrastructure with the technology required for modelling and backtesting at scale. Because we trade off and store almost all the market data in the world, big data really is big data for us. Training and simulating models at such scale means we have several clusters at our disposal, both in house and in the cloud. We are using the state of the art in web-scale technologies in order to keep on pushing the boundaries of what we can do and the rate at which we innovate.

Who we are
Within the Quantitative Trading business unit, the classical distinction between, traders, software engineers, operational engineers and researchers does not hold. Our roles blend into a group of bright minds with different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and interests; all working together at the cutting edge of quantitative trading research and development.

Most people inside QT have a wide range of skills and interests which can significantly deviate from where they initially started. Some came in straight from university and some have run proprietary trading shops before. We have people from all sorts of backgrounds: pure mathematicians, statistics, machine learning, computer sciences, business and economics. All are united under a shared interest in quantitative trading.

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