As a screen trader at Optiver... will provide bids and offers to the financial market on-screen. When someone places an order to buy or sell, the majority of the time it will be a Screen Trader on the other side providing the price.
Over the last 30 years Optiver has gained a superior understanding of what it takes to be a good trader. We believe trading is a decision making process where success is the result of thorough preparation. Our preparation methods vary. They include leaning on pricing models and understanding the limitations of those models, and extend into cross instrument understanding and beyond. It all allows us to profitably manage our risks as a market maker.

Whether it's trading or doing business in general, decision making can be considered along two lines. On one, there is the time taken for a decision. While other companies will eventually spend days, weeks or months making a decision on their next line of products, we will only spend seconds or when prepared, a fraction of a second, making our decisions. The second line is the type of answer we reach. While some problems like 2+2 only have one answer, in trading, decision making moments stream out into a web of dynamic and interrelated answers. As a market maker we have to be able to quickly solve a web of possible solutions and stay on top of the chain.

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