Business Operations

The Business Operations Departments assist and supervise the Trading and IT departments. These departments collectively develop our structure and future development and are key to the company's success in the highly competitive and rapidly changing environment in which Optiver operates.


Compliance is an independent control function which helps ensure that Optiver adheres to the numerous rules, regulations and policies which apply to our business. The team helps each employee at Optiver understand, manage, and monitor regulatory risks and keep Optiver’s licenses in good standing. They do this by providing advice and training, developing policies, ensuring that appropriate actions are taken in the case of an issue, and maintaining a positive approach to regulators.


One of the most important tasks of the Facilities team is to ensure services provided to Optiver run smoothly. These services include access, cleaning and maintenance. The Facilities department is also there to provide products needed to accomplish tasks of the whole office, including stationary, catering and technical support.


The Finance team manages the financial and tax risks for the firm. They ensure that financial reporting obligations are performed timely and accurately. Staying current on various accounting, tax and regulatory requirements, the Finance team monitors and reports the financial condition of the firm to senior management enabling them to make better strategic decisions.


The Legal team attends to and manages any legal issues faced by Optiver. These issues include advising on general law, negotiating contractual obligations, reviewing and drafting legal agreements of all types (business acquisition, shareholders, unit holders, finance, confidentiality, employment, etc), advising on business structure issues and documenting any changes, assisting in the preparation of internal policies and acting as liaison with external attorneys.

Market structure

The Market structure department maintains Optiver's third party relationships and extends its networks in the financial industry. This department also plays a key role in developing business in current and new markets. To accomplish this, Market Structure maintains close relationships with all Optiver departments. Working in Market Structure involves meeting and interacting with many people inside and outside of the company, while gaining a deep understanding of the entire industry.

Middle Office

Middle Office connects Optiver’s front office and back office activities. Working closely with Trading, the team ensures that trades and positions are reconciled with the clearing firms daily. They are in regular communication with Trading to ensure the proper fees and interest are taken into account in the pricing models. In addition, Middle Office works closely with the other Business Operations areas to ensure continuity of information.


For Optiver to be successful, we need to make sure that we have the right people in the right place. Recruitment focuses on selecting and retaining the best talent for Trading, IT and Business Operations. Visit the career page to see our current open positions.

Risk management

In order to carry out our business, risk is inevitable. The key to success is understanding what risks should be taken and how much risk is acceptable. At Optiver, the Risk Department is responsible for identifying and quantifying risks, assessing their effect and advising why (or why not) they are acceptable to us.

Talent Management

Our employees and the potential they possess drive our organization. Optiver is continuously changing and striving to be the best. Our people are at the core of these goals. The Talent Management Team helps to develop talent and support employees to reach their potential. In our daily activities we focus on the retention and development of our employees as well as benefits.