Optiver - IT


Our IT department at Optiver is constantly striving to provide the systems and infrastructure that give us our competitive edge within the market. We manage advanced IT systems to allow our traders to be at the top of their game. We take pride in continuing to enhance our technology whenever possible.

When prices change on the exchange, being able to respond quickly to those changes is absolutely critical because it can have a direct effect on potential profits. The person who reacts first is often in the best position to profit from changing prices. This is why IT has always played a central role in our business. We were among the first to bring wireless devices to the trading floor in the 80s and have been early adapters of new technology ever since. Optiver's current systems already perform within fractions of a second, but we continue to research and deploy innovative ideas in all IT areas.

In addition to new technology, Optiver has also built an IT infrastructure of significant scale. We utilize hundreds of network devices, thousands of high-spec hosts and tens of thousands of kilometers of fiber. We create our own trading and middleware software which handles a staggering number of transactions per day.

Because you cannot win if you do not finish the race, our last challenge is to provide near perfect uptime. There are few fields where IT professionals get to create and maintain systems with the triple requirements of latency, capacity and availability. If you are excited by this opportunity, we'd love to hear from you.