About us

Optiver is a global electronic market maker. We use our own capital, at our own risk, to trade on major financial markets around the world. Making markets in financial products is our core business. This, in combination with a focus on finding relative pricing differences between related securities enables us to consistently add liquidity to financial markets and contribute to making markets more efficient and transparent.

With around 950 colleagues across offices based on four different continents, we are able to trade 24 hours a day. Optiver Europe, based in Amsterdam, is now active on all major European equities and derivatives exchanges as well as some exchanges in the US and Brazil. Optiver Asia Pacific is one of the primary players within the Asian option markets. Through our offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei, Optiver trades a range of products on all the relevant markets in Asia. Optiver US is based in derivatives capital Chicago and is active on several of the leading exchanges in the US markets.

As a company we trade a wide range of products, but we focus predominantly on on-screen liquidity, covering listed derivatives, cash equities, ETF's, bonds and foreign exchange. Despite the large scale on which we do business, Optiver takes on comparatively little risk. With 30 years of operating experience in financial markets, employing dedicated staff spanning over 35 nationalities, we have gained a strong understanding of factors influencing the prices of securities, derivatives and other instruments. Our innovative trading systems enable us to respond swiftly to every change in the markets.

By offering liquidity, volume and competitive prices on both sides of the book at a large number of exchanges and trading platforms around the world, Optiver contributes to the stability and functioning of global financial markets and economies at large. Due to our unique long-term experience, risk management and market obligations all market participants including retail and institutional investors benefit through lower liquidity risk and lower implicit transaction costs. As a market maker Optiver provides genuine liquidity throughout the day, including in volatile times. As market making involves two-sided quoting, our trading behaviour does not involve speculation on the direction of the underlying value.

Next to our own trading activities, Optiver has also taken a leading role in broader industry trading initiatives. Optiver was one of the early investors in (and first market maker on) the pan-European exchange Chi-X Europe (now part of BATS Global Markets). In addition to this, Optiver uses industry forums and compiles whitepapers and publications in a bid to achieve a transparent and fair market model. Optiver US is an active Associate Member of the Futures Industry Association (FIA) and FIA Principal Traders Group. Optiver Europe is a founder and active member of the FIA European Principal Traders Association and the Association of Proprietary Traders. Optiver Australia is an associate member of the FIA Asia.