If you thrive in a team environment, have great communication skills, approach things enthusiastically and always act with integrity, chances are there's a place for you at Optiver.

Applications open on Monday 15 February 2016!

Graduate Trader open until 30 March 2016

Graduate Developer open until 11 September 2016

Graduate Trading Systems Engineer open until 11 September 2016

Trading Internship open 15 June 2016

Developer Internship open 15 June 2016

Trading Systems Engineer Internship open 15 June 2016

Check out our expectations of each role below.


As a Trader (Market Maker) you will provide the market with prices with which they can trade. The bid price is the price at which the market maker would buy, and the ask price is the price at which the market maker would sell. Market makers are happy to get hit on either side of their quote. You will use Optiver's own software to adjust prices, monitor positions and make trades. Outside of market hours, you will develop tools and conduct analysis with the goal of assisting both your own and the team's trading.

Who are you

  • You are a final-year/Honours student or a recent graduate (graduated in the past 2 years)
  • You are studying a quantitative degree with a Distinction average in Computer Science,Electrical/Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Physics, Actuarial Studies or Econometrics

You're a conceptual thinker - you pick up new concepts easily and have no issues applying them to new situations. You thrive on solving problems and love thinking up with brilliant ideas. You've got a flair for numbers and jump on any chance to use these skills. You are results driven to excel in this fast paced environment, and have the ability to think on your feet and make quick decisions. You are self-motivated and hungry for growth. You have a good sense of humour, nerves of steel and a thirst for success. If you really want to stand out from the crowd skills in Excel, VBA or Python will help you do that! But don't worry if you haven't developed these skills yet as we will provide the training on the job.


This is the perfect opportunity to gain exposure to a real-life trading floor, expand your knowledge of the financial markets and work on challenging projects which will have a real impact on the way we trade. During our 8 week internship, you will complete an introductory derivative theory training course including extensive trading principles and concepts delivered by our Head of Trader Education. Once you've got the basics covered, you will apply this knowledge and work on current research projects alongside our experienced Trading and Research teams. You will experience what it's like to trade a live copy of the real market using our cutting edge systems. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply programming skills (a highly sought after skill in the market) as well as be mentored by a Trader who will support and provide feedback to you through your summer experience with us.

Who are you

  • You are a penultimate year university student graduating mid or end of 2017
  • You are studying a quantitative degree with a Distinction average in Computer Science,Electrical/Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Physics, Actuarial Studies or Econometrics
    You are an Australian/NZ Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident
Wholesale Trader
  • Our Wholesale Traders enjoy trading in the Wholesale market. They maintain key international relationships, manage large portfolios, make fast trading decisions and trade high volumes over the phone. To succeed, you must:
  • Be a final-year/Honours student or recent graduate
  • Have a distinction/high grade-point average
  • Have studied, or be studying Maths, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering - Electrical/ Mechanical / Mechatronic, Actuarial Studies, Computer Science, Econometrics or Applied / Quant Finance.
  • If you're also a great communicator with outstanding numerical skills, and you love a challenge in a competitive environment, this could be the best career move you will ever make.


We aim to run the fastest and most reliable systems in the market, systems that are also flexible enough to respond to change. And we look to our IT department to do it! We have two specialist IT teams; Development and Operations. Together these teams develop and maintain hundreds of applications and processes running daily in Optiver offices, in Europe, The Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

Graduate Developers

As a graduate within our ever-expanding development team, you will help to develop new in-house trading systems, and improve existing ones. These systems need to be the fastest in the market, highly reliable and flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions and business requirements.

To succeed, you must:

  • Be a final-year or recent graduate from either a Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree in Computer Science, Business Information System, Software Engineering or similar
  • Have a strong grasp of O-O design and development concepts
  • Understand algorithms and data structures
  • Have some technical knowledge in either C++ / C#
  • Have basic Networking knowledge

Creativity, a passion for finding clever solutions, a strong team ethic, excellent communication skills and a sense of humour will seal your success.


Our interns are immersed within the business from day one, provided a mentor, and given the chance to work on exciting projects that add real value to our business. You get to work with people who are at the top of their game. There is no such thing as average here. Each individual has a tailored experience. As an intern in our Software Development team, you will rotate across up to three teams. One sprint could be spent working on exchange connectivity software and auto trading related products in C++, while another sprint could be spent on Trading client GUIs or Middle Office systems in C# or .NET, or even building tools to aid in development and management of our systems in C++/C#/Python.Whatever the work, you can be assured its meaningful, and our interns are encouraged to bring their ideas forward, no matter how big or small they are.

Our interns' progress is tracked during their time here. You have weekly one-on-one catch ups with your mentor and quarterly catch ups with Human Resources who are constantly striving to improve your intern experience. Interns are encouraged to create goals and objectives, and work on achieving them while they are here. It is an open door policy here, and no question is too big or small whether you are the CEO or the new rookie. Our goal is to connect with raw talent, develop you over the 12 weeks and if you rock our world and we rock yours there will be an offer of a Graduate position waiting at the end for you.

Who are you

  • You are a penultimate year student with a distinction average in Computer Science, Computing, and Software Engineering or similar.¬†
  • You are an Australian/NZ Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident

Graduate Trading Systems Engineer

You are a problem solver, with a good sense of humour, excellent communication skills and the ability to keep things in perspective. Look forward to working on various trading applications with a technical and business focus. You'll also be doing a lot of technical troubleshooting, managing application performance and liaising with end-users. To succeed, you must:

  • Be a final-year student or recent graduate
  • Be studying, or have studied, Computer Science or Information Technology or similar
  • Be proactive and customer-focused
  • Have a good understanding of Internet Protocol

Some experience in Shell scripting, such as Bash/Perl, would also be a plus but is not essential.

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