As a market maker, we trade on the financial markets using our own capital and at our own risk. We're also absolutely committed to ensuring we act with uncompromising ethics and integrity at all times.

Here's how market making works: a market maker provides a bid and an ask price to the market. The bid price is the price at which the market maker would buy, and the ask price is the price at which the market maker would sell. Pretty straightforward, really!

Market makers are happy to get a hit on either side of their quote, but the ideal result is a hit on our bid and ask price, resulting in a zero position. The profit left over will be the width of the spread he/she has quoted.

We're also active in a range of increasingly sophisticated arbitrage activities, so constant innovation is crucial. That's why we're so determined to recruit clever people who know how to think for themselves. We need them on our team to help us tackle the complex task of balancing calculated risk with long-standing experience, to make smart and profitable trades today - and into the future. We always try to remain neutral to market direction, and base our trading philosophy on immediate hedging of our positions. We're proud to say that this approach has made us profitable throughout every global market crisis since 1986.

IT is also key to making the best market. To cope with an increase in global volumes, the need for extensive investments and development in IT is more important than ever. We're not concerned with the origin of an order. The only decisive factor is the speed with which it is received.