We aim to run the fastest and most reliable systems in the market, systems that are also flexible enough to respond quickly to change. We have three specialist IT teams; Software Development, Operations and a team dedicated to optimising our trading system's performance. Together these teams develop and maintain hundreds of applications and processes running daily in the Asia Pacific region.

Software Development

Our people in Development work with the traders to write software that meets our very specific needs. They manage the entire software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, release and production support. These systems cover market connectivity, front-end and server-based trading, risk management, reporting and back-office functions. The primary languages our developers use are C++, C# and Python.


The Operations team is made up of several key areas including Application Management, Infrastructure Management and Service Desk. Application Management looks after the front line support of trading applications and back office functions. The team works closely with all business departments to make sure everything runs smoothly, and are the key engineers who resolve any issues with the trading system.

Infrastructure Management looks after our day-to-day technical infrastructure. The team manages all computers, servers, printers and telephones as well as our office and inter-office networks. They also monitor our systems to ensure high availability and speed, both of which are crucial for trading. Service Desk acts as a single point of contact for internal customers, logging, escalating and tracking incidents through to resolution. They provide superior customer service to employees across the business.